James became a Freelance Web Developer back in 2010, when he moved to Beijing and saw the huge demand for English websites. After fours years in China, James moved to Melbourne seeking to expand his clientbase in a whole new territory. Due to the popularity of WordPress in this area, he developed his PHP and MySQL skills and was soon taking on new clients at a fast rate. 1 year later, James moved back to the UK with his wife and settled in the Brighton area, and took on the role of Senior Web Developer.

For the last four years, James has been working on many exciting projects and built upon his programming skills, particulary in ASP.NET and SQL Server. With expertise in front and back end web development, James is now also skilled in iOS / Android app development so can cater for all client requirements.

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James Browning | Freelance Web Developer

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James Browning



HTML5 / CSS3 100%
100% Complete
JavaScript 100%
90% Complete
Angular 90%
90% Complete


UX Design 90%
90% Complete
Graphic Design 70%
70% Complete
Responsive Design 100%
100% Complete


PHP 80%
80% Complete
ASP.NET 100%
100% Complete
SQL 90%
90% Complete


Wordpress Development 100%
100% Complete
iOS / Android 90%
90% Complete
SEO 90%
90% Complete

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