I started my freelance Web & App Development business in 2011 whilst living in China, as there was a huge demand from companies wanting to expand internationally. After five years in Beijing, I moved back to to the UK having established a large set of reputable clients. I then started to work with alongside local tech companies as part of their dev teams in order to grow my own knowledge.

My skillset includes Javascript, Angular, .NET, PHP, SQL, MongoDB, and iOS/Android app development - plus all the latest web and app development technologies, such as JAMstack and Headless CMS. I have now formed my own limited company, and continue to take on a wide range of clients and projects.

Web Designer Awards

CSS Design Award for Freelance Web Developer, UK
Freelance Web Designers in the UK
Awwwards design award for Freelance Web & App Developer, UK
James Browning | Freelance Web & App Developer

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James Browning



HTML5 / CSS3 100%
100% Complete
JavaScript 100%
90% Complete
Angular 90%
90% Complete


UX Design 90%
90% Complete
Graphic Design 70%
70% Complete
Responsive Design 100%
100% Complete


PHP 90%
90% Complete
ASP.NET 100%
100% Complete
Node 90%
90% Complete


Wordpress Development 100%
100% Complete
iOS / Android 100%
90% Complete
SEO 90%
90% Complete

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