Passionate about all things tech, I started my freelance Web & App Development business back in 2011 whilst living in China. After four years in Beijing, I moved to Melbourne seeking to expand my client base in a whole new territory and the business grew rapidly. I was then given the opportunity to work as a Senior Web Developer with a team back in the UK which I accepted to further improve my technical knowledge and abilities.

Over the next four years, I became an expert in all aspects of .NET development with SQL Server - along with iOS/Android app development and Fullstack JavaScript. Having gained everything I could from the role, I left my job to form a limited company focusing on web and app development. Now I have established a large client base with strong relationships, and continue to take on all kinds of app and web projects.

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James Browning | Freelance Web & App Developer

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James Browning



HTML5 / CSS3 100%
100% Complete
JavaScript 100%
90% Complete
Angular 90%
90% Complete


UX Design 90%
90% Complete
Graphic Design 70%
70% Complete
Responsive Design 100%
100% Complete


PHP 90%
90% Complete
ASP.NET 100%
100% Complete
Node 90%
90% Complete


Wordpress Development 100%
100% Complete
iOS / Android 100%
90% Complete
SEO 90%
90% Complete

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